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Prying Open My Third Eye

Prying Open My Third Eye

20, Aries. Born in the year of the dog. In a serious relationship with a snake since March Fifteenth, 2013. The mother of an "Angel Baby." Into art, tattoos, music, TV, makeup, science, nursing, the army, piercings, love, peace war, books, plants, anime, movies, and all kinds of other wonderful things. I have a very unorganized blog. I pretty much post whatever strikes my fancy.

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Ugh. I hate when I get the balls up to do that, and you completely shoot me down.

Gwen Stefani - 10 Serious →

Gwen Stefani

Take a chance, you stupid hoe.

Just a random poem to a random person I wish I could talk to right now…

When I met you, You said you wanted to marry me

Because of my pikachu tattoo.

I thought you were sexy as hell, with your long ass hair.

But I didn’t say shit, cause that’s me.

We got to know each other, one day when my ex

Happened to cheat on me.

You told me to call you, and we talked for five hours

About anything and everything.

Then we didn’t talk for a while, until I told you happy birthday…

A fucking day late.

Eventually we started talking, and I really liked you

But we only got to hang out once.

And then you went away. For a while, and I was like

What the fuck.

So I broke it off with you, and probably not in the best way.

I could have been a little more considerate.

And now, a year later, you won’t even accept my friend request.

I wish I would have done it the “right” way,

So I could still have you as a friend, because you were cool as shit

And we got along so well.

But you’ve got a kid now, and I’ve lost mine…

I’m glad you weren’t a dick when I messaged you earlier…

Because I was just trying to help out.

I’m in a rough spot right now, too, and I know how it feels.

But i feel like if i tried to be your friend again

It might make things a little awkward… But I tried.

And now, I’ll leave you alone, bye..

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